CPC Analyser

Initial Release

CPC Analyser is a port of Spectrum Analyser. It is a tool to help reverse engineer Amstrad CPC games.

The initial release has limited functionality and is missing the following features from the Spectrum Analyser version:

  • Graphics view (only Mode 1 is currently supported)
  • Frame trace
  • Various other features


There is a very short demonstration of it here:


Feedback and bug reports are very welcome. Please send them to spectrumanalysertool@gmail.com


Click here to download the latest Alpha version (Windows 10 and above).

[Last uploaded 31st December 2023.]

Discussion and Updates

There is a thread here over at the cpcwiki forum where you can follow updates.


Come join us on Discord!


Source Code

The source code is available here. It builds on Windows, Mac and Linux. Please bear in mind, the code is still WIP and various features may be broken or missing.



6 responses to “CPC Analyser”

  1. Francisco Zamora avatar
    Francisco Zamora

    Only for Windows?

    1. admin avatar

      The build linked on this page is Windows only. If you would like Mac or Linux you will need to build your own.

  2. tony pigram avatar

    do you have a repo like this: https://github.com/TheGoodDoktor/8BitAnalysers

    but for the CPC-Analyser rather than the spectrum one?

    I’d like to build for linux.

    1. tony pigram avatar

      ah, didn’t notice the CPC branch! I see now. thanks!

      1. admin avatar

        You beat me to it. 🙂 The CPC version is currently in it’s own branch. It will be merged into master when it’s feature complete compared to the ZX Spectrum version. I’m not far off that point.

        The linux build may not compile out of the box. I don’t have an easy way to build linux here. Once it gets merged into master we will have the luxury of continuous integration which will solve this issue.

      2. admin avatar

        Just to let you know, the code is merged into master now.

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